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  • Module 1: Introduction

    Each module will have "Introductory" video. It will acquaint you with the material being covered in the module and some of the expectations. I will be serving more as a professor and the setting may feel more formal. 

    This class as a whole, just like the True^North workbook, has two main sections. (1) The “Why” of Disciple-making in the word and (2) The “How” of Disciple-making. We are predominantly pragmatic and practical people. Let’s just “do it.” Thus, we often focus our undivided attention on process of “how” to do something. But I beg you to allow me in this one module to build our foundation of “why” this is so important. Yes, this module will have a bit of a theological flavor to it. But once we construct this truth in your heart and mind, the “how” of modules 2-7 will be sitting on the solid rock of a biblical foundation. Plus, you will be able to explain to your “disciple-in-the-making” or your small group not just “how” to read Scripture but “why” it is so important in your spiritual formation.

    Video Disclaimer: Friends, this class is designed specifically for you in the local church...not for the world of academia. However, many of the videos you will encounter in the following modules were shot with a for-credit student audience in mind. Apologies that they are not designed specifically for you. So, when I talk about assignments and may sit back and relax. However, please realize that the skill set for reading-interpreting-applying the Word is exactly the same no matter what your location: School, small group or in the Church. This is the Word of God for the people of God. Thanks certainly includes us all!

    This module will introduce you to the True^North approach to Bible Study.There are two key elements. First, you will learn the skills to read, interpret and apply Scripture in what is commonly referred to as Inductive Bible Study. Second, you will be asked to develop materials and to teach someone else to study the Bible using the same method. Thus, together we are developing skills in both Inductive Bible Study and Disciple-making simultaneously.


    To develop talking-points behind the “Why” elements which undergird Inductive Bible Study (aka, True^North). Simply, what are the theological underpinnings behind the study of the Word?