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  • Module 7: Application

    Can you believe it...we are about to complete our True^North journey together. We began with PRAYER. Yes, prayer for illumination...for protection...for healing of our deaf ears and our blind eyes. We next OBSERVED on the Book level, paragraph level, and finally did detailed observation of the sentence level. We then re-shaped what we observed into the form of text-driven questions. These questions served as input into INTERPRETATION as we answered them with resources which addressed the contexts in which they were situated: Literary, Cultural, Geographic, and Linguistic (word studies). We concluded INTERPRETATION with reading from the wealth of knowledge found in the community of faith (commentaries) and then constructed the final answer to our text driven question found in Mark 1 or Mark 8 or Mark 15. Now, we embark on the final step of True^North. The climactic step of the whole journey; APPLICATION. We take the truths discovered in our passage and apply them personally to ourselves and corporately to our local community.


    We will mentally shift from being historians in the act of Interpretation to becoming contemporary Christians as we apply the word to our personal needs and the greater needs of today's world.