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  • Module 6: Interpretation (Part 2)

    This module is a continuation of the previous. Remember, True^North Bible study begins with PRAYER. Then, we move into OBSERVATION on all three levels; Book Level Survey which based upon the structure(s) points to a strategic passage. This strategic passage (aka, paragraph) then becomes input to paragraph level work. Finally, we then Observe sentences as our final work of detailed observation. All along the way, our Observations are reshaped into the form of questions, with our main text-driven question leading into Interpretation. (Eg, What is the precise meaning of the Introduction in Mark 1:1-13 and how does the rest of the Book flow from it?”) 

    Our last module set us to investigate the CONTEXT (remember CIE) of Mark’s Gospel as a means of answering your text-driven question. First, we examined the LITERARY context. Second, we looked into the CULTURAL context. Finally, we answered the question surrounding the meaning of carefully chosen words to study in their original language. 

    Now we are in the closing part of our INTERPRETATION journey. This is where we collaborate with what I call the “Community of faith.” We will examine at least three (3) contemporary commentaries on the Book of Mark. 

    Finally, we will develop a “Final Answer” to our Text-driven question.


    We will learn the value and necessity to read scholarly material to assist us in answering our text-driven questions. If we read in isolation, we can often become innovative and culturally unaware of the First Century world. Thus, we will set our sights to continue to read Mark “in context” and according to reading the text within the “traditions of the Church” (aka, Orthodoxy).