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  • Module 2: Prayer

    This module begins the actual “How” section of True^North. It answers the question, “How do we read-interpret-ally the word in our lives?” Well, it actually begins with prayer. And in actuality, it equally ends with prayer. We start the journey with our eyes and heart being opened by the Spirit to the truth of the word. But after all the heavy lifting of Bible Study, we then take all the new revelations we discover in the word and shape them into transformative prayers which we ask the Lord to apply to our own lives. It's a glorious never-ending journey with the Word and the Spirit. 


    In this module, you will discover that prayer is at the very core of every Bible study effort. Moreover, you will actually discover that Bible study is the most dangerous Chrisitan practice we can ever engage in; thus, we pray for both enlightenment and protection against the evil one. In the end, I will be asking you to use biblical prayers as your model for your disciple-making effort.